Passion for Innovation

Cutting-edge technology, combined with timeless values, is the heartbeat of our company. We believe in the transformative power of software. It goes beyond creating solutions for business problems, it is about anticipating needs and uncovering opportunities for growth. Our commitment to research and development is ingrained in our nature, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and drive continuous innovation.


Evolving Constantly

Our main aim is to continually evolve and deliver world-class technology to our customers. We reject conventional approaches, understanding that great software is not born out of metrics alone but from the passion and creativity that small teams bring. Our working environment is not just a space, it's a culture of innovation and freedom. A culture that values learning from mistakes and embracing challenges.

Building Smart Technology

At JeoIT, creating outstanding software is seen as an ongoing process of refinement and perfection. It's about redoing what's not working, sharpening our skills year after year, and returning to refine our products from their very core. We recognize that this process is a vital aspect of our work, the challenging part that we cherish most about our job.


Evolving Together

Having been around for over a decade, we don't just plan to stay, we plan to evolve. As an innovation-first company, we are committed to both longevity and continuous improvement. We take great pride in our ability to reinvent ourselves, guided by our core principle of investing in people and products. A substantial portion of our resources is dedicated to our intensive R&D activities.

Looking Ahead

Our story is not only about the past, it is about looking ahead. While we have come a long way, we firmly believe there is always more to accomplish. Our focus on Research and Development is not just a strategy, it is our commitment to providing solutions that exceed expectations. This dedication to R&D remains unwavering, empowering us to develop new solutions and address your pain points with unique approaches. We are not just building software, we're building the future. Join us on this journey as we embrace the art of technology, creating products that transcend the ordinary.


We are JeoIT, and this is more than our story, it is a story of innovation, dedication and a passion for shaping the future.

Welcome to the next chapter, where the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds.

Living Lab

Achieving Carbon Neutrality


Carbon Footprint Minimization

In our pursuit of sustainability, JeoIT is actively engaged in minimizing our carbon footprint. We have implemented an innovative aeroponic tower system at our offices in Ankara, Turkey.


Water Conservation

The aeroponic tower system, also known as Tower Garden, significantly reduces water consumption by up to 95% compared to conventional gardening and farming.


High-Efficiency Food Production

By spraying nutrient-rich mixture onto hanging plant roots, it ensures minimal carbon footprint, a sterile environment without pesticides, and a consistent, high-efficiency year-round harvest.


Ongoing Commitment to Sustainability

We believe that sustainability is an ongoing commitment, not just a one-time initiative. The success of the Tower Garden motivates us to explore new opportunities to expand this system to additional locations.