Over the past decade, the company has served the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contributing to projects including DIŞNET and Document Archive projects. Today, the company focus extends beyond borders. We are pioneers in digital twin solutions, smart buildings, and next-generation facility management solutions through our in-house developed IoT-based framework - Evolved.City.

Evolved.City, the culmination of over five years of dedicated work, is our flagship product. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates software and hardware components into a holistic framework, centered around Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It thrives in various industries, connecting production processes and people through real-time sensor data.

In Turkey, JeoIT actively works with diverse customers, including notable organizations such as Coffee Lab, Metalif, Albatur and other companies spanning diverse industries from government institutions to private enterprises. Our involvement with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye (TUBITAK) and Middle East Technical University (METU) under the TUBITAK 1004 project exemplifies our commitment to driving innovation, particularly in smart cities through the SUIT (Sustainable Urbanization Through Innovative Technologies) research program. Moreover, our ongoing projects across various sectors underscore our dedication to delivering impactful solutionss that transcend industry boundaries.

Beyond borders, JeoIT strategically extends its reach through ongoing Digital Twin and Smart Buildings projects with well-known European institutions like TU Delft and ETH Zurich, as well as collaborations with hospitals and health centers. Actively participating in funding programs such as Eurostars, EuroGIA, and CET Partnership Funding Programs, we are at the forefront of global innovation.

JeoIT proudly holds the position as the sole authorized partner in Turkey and one of only 15 Platinum Partners worldwide with Esri, the global leader in geographic information systems and data analytics. This reflects our profound expertise in Digital Twin and Smart Building technologies.

At JeoIT, we are not just innovators; we are architects of tomorrow's technology. Join us as we continue to shape a smarter, connected world through Evolved.City.


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